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“Haste makes waste”

True is value in swift actions and swift decision making, without dawdling or rumination dragging down the trajectory towards victory.

How many failures or collapses occur because of a stagnant paralysis stunned by inaction, laziness.

Time is of the essence without question.

But cannot the contrary be seen? A staggering rush, a cacophony of bustle, drunk on the silly dance of nervous fear stimulants to get it all done?

To pause.

Is hard.

Waiting is hard. Oftentime to do so you must stand against a hundred currents pulling you.

When you find yourself without vision. Bound up by panic or anxious planning trying to claw your way out but making no connection. Quiet like Elijah waiting for that small voice of God on the edge of a cliff. Wait.

How to wait? Waiting doesn't mean inaction.

Prepare, order, listen, pay homage to the king. Get into the wilderness, repent, fast, cut off the dead weight. Pay attention.

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength."

If you lack strength or direction take a moment.

Be still in the undertow.

Wait on the Lord.

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1 Comment

Andrew Truloff
Andrew Truloff
Oct 09, 2023

Needed this so bad! Thanks for the wisdom!

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