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Count your stressings

Seven spindly cattle

Seven wind torn stalk

Hungry Hunting down the plump

between the reed grass

(Genesis 41)

the cupbearer forgot you

And though, decryption belongs to God

grain and justice seem a steam too hard to grasp

Drip. goes the leak in the jail cell wall

Years pass slow, alone.

Life is a vapor but it can feel like tar

They dropped you in a pit

Stole your coat with the rug rip

And the devil walks the foyer and asks to test your metal

(Genesis 37, 39)

He dropped you on an ash pile

Wiped your loved ones with a wildfire

Gave you sores and sour spouse words with your rend

(Job 1, 2)

Peel the boil and zero in

Block out your enemies and your so called friends

Leave a thousand garments behind


Decryption belongs to God

Clamp your tongue and wait for dreams

Seize the Truth by any means

He will restore you

But the wanton and the fools,

The liars and the cruel

Heap up siloes full of judgement for the party

When the hand scrapes on the plaster

Mene mene

They breathe faster

And the scales they feared,

appear to be quite real.

(Daniel 5)

Weigh out wheat now while you can

But even more: weigh out the sand

Of the quickly falling grains inside the hourglass.

-Nathaniel Cooley

Loose Explanation:

A quick glance at Joseph and Job two men who both received seemingly undeserved cruelty and hardship, but both who persevered, focusing on doing right in an evil world, despite a lack of “decryption” of the confusing nature of their plight.

Life is fraught with obstacles, hardships and injustices, and it behooves us to prepare, be wise and tactical, and lay up grain for the lean years. But we cannot predict the future fully, and so must rely on the grace of God for guidance.

Most of all we should follow the narrow path and number our days, which are given by God, and are not promised. Life is short and we must act accordingly.

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