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Wormwood and wormtongue.

Painted false faces - pretty little lies shack up in our hearts.

Or come over for a cup of sugar and never leave.

We get comfortable and soon their whispers grow roots that gnaw at the foundation and choke out the  seeds we want growing.

We become weak and sick, half alive and staggering away from the Light.

We do the waltz with our murderers.

Idolatry can be a subtle thing.

Jezebel rooted in, spinning webs and batting her eyes, ruining a nation supposed to flourish in Gods favor.

They let her stay too long. They got drawn in with sex and politics.

They tolerated evil for the trinkets it provided.

A little dopamine to cover up the venom.

In the end war and violence were antidote and she had to be thrown off the walls,

…and the dogs drank her blood.

(2 kings 9:36)

Grima Wormtongue is beaten down the stairs of Rohan.

(Lord of the rings)

Wormwood is defeated and eaten alive.

(Screwtape letters)

“Purge the the demons draining your veins”

(Phinehas: ‘bad blood’)

Cast out the counterfeit, the imposter, the idols.

Melt them down into swords and tools to do the work you’re meant for.

But do not tolerate evil.

Rouse your hate for it.

You do not hate it enough.

It’s robbing you and your loved ones.

It’s giving you nothing but pain in return.

Silence it, violence is necessary.

Them dogs are thirsty.

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