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Enter the gate

15 seconds.

Take stock of what you've been given.

Don't read anymore until you do.

I find my gratitude has to be cultivated. Practiced.

Like so many virtues, it doesn't just happen.


But the act is power:

Enter His gates with thanksgiving.

Into His courts with praise.



Speaking the reality of what God has done for you, and in you.

It's an act of war in a way.

The dark will try and obliterate your hope.

A black pill fed to make you falter.

But the light is real and when you're thankful you let it in,

let it pierce the musty fog in your mind.

Could things improve? Certainly.

Is the world bleak and sick? Of course.

But all the way down to your skeletal core.

You're Gods highest form of creation.

The pinnacle of this reality.

John 3:16

Be thankful.

(We at Ograve want to extend our sincere gratitude to all those who support us, read these blogs, make purchases, and engage on the internet. Iron sharpens iron.)

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