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gold in gold out

I've been on a lot of road trips. Post college wing stretching. Metal band touring. Relocation for work. Relocation for work again. Relocation to be closer to the wife's family. etc. etc.

On all of these trips, short or extensive, I've had a book. We've all had that book, maybe the one that you just picked up out of nowhere, or the one you can't put down. Or even the one you have been struggling with for months (I'm looking at you Moby Dick).

The point? Oh yeah the point. The point is. Keep reading. When computers came out they said about the programming - garbage in, garbage out. The meaning - what you put in the computer, and your mind, comes out in what you produce.

So. Gold in, gold out. The more quality you source into your head. The better quality output you can infuse into and out of your life.

Simplistic? Yeah. Probably.

But who cares. Read more. Do more. Be inspired. It's an action, don't wait for something to hit you. Grab it and squeeze everything you have from it. Syndicated garbage on TV won't help you with that. Scrolling endlessly on IG worshipping other peoples lives won't do it.

Read a book and take what you need from it and run. Run. Keep sharpening yourself. Keep awake. Don't get numbed up. Watch. Pray.

I'll say it again with less ramble. Feed your soul and run the race.


I love you. Keep going.

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